Avg High
Avg low
Avg High
Avg low
January 22 C 9 C 71 F 49 F
February 24 C 12 C 75 F 54 F
March 31 C 17 C 83 F 63 F
April 36 C 23 C 97 F 73 F
May 39 C 27 C 102 F 81 F
June 41 C 29 C 106 F 84 F
July 36 C 28 C 97 F 73 F
August 34 C 26 C 93 F 79 F
September 33 C 24 C 91 F 75 F
October 32 C 20 C 90 F 68 F
November 28 C 15 C 82 F 59 F
December 23 C 11 C 73 F 51 F
Throughout Rajasthan the climate has 3 major seasons:
  • The dry season is from early October until end of March.  This is the premium time to travel. Day time temperatures are pleasant but, particularly in months of December – January evening temperatures can be surprisingly low, dropping to 3C. We recommend carrying light sweaters and shawls for travel during this time.
  • The hot season from April to June. The weather at this time is  very hot and humid, with daytime highs of more than 100F/40C regularly recorded.
  • The monsoons in Rajasthan run from Mid-June – August.  These monsoon rains start in late May/beginning June in the south, gradually moving north over the following six weeks, though the timing does vary and it certainly doesn’t rain all day every day. The temperatures cool down with the onset of the rains. Travel in August and September is a nice time to travel to Rajasthan which gets rejuvenated after the monsoons but has fewer tourists at this time.
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