Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur

Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302001
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A Heritage Hotel in Jaipur

Step Into a Regal Charm at Our Heritage Haven, Where History and Luxury Seamlessly Combine

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is where vibrant history intertwines with modern charm. Discover iconic palaces, forts and bustling markets. Immerse in the lively culture, savouring delectable cuisine and the city's artistic traditions. Mandawa Haveli, originally constructed in the 18th century by prosperous merchants, exudes timeless charm. In 1978, Thakur Devi Singhji Mandawa and his wife Sajjan Kunwar graciously opened the castle's doors to guests, transforming the historical castle into a heritage hotel. Today, this architectural gem captivates visitors with its intricate design, inviting them to step back in time and experience the regal grandeur and warm hospitality that defines Mandawa Haveli.

Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur is strategically located on Sansar Chandra Road and it is a small commute to reach the hotel from the major travel hubs. Jaipur International Airport is at a distance of 13 km, and Jaipur Railway Junction & Jaipur Bus Stand are in a radius of approximately 2 km.

Regale in the Legacy of Royalty
At Our Haveli in Jaipur

Mandawa Haveli in Jaipur boasts a total of 52 rooms, thoughtfully categorised into Standard, Deluxe, and Suite accommodations, providing guests with diverse choices for their stay in Jaipur. Each room seamlessly blends heritage aesthetics with modern amenities, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the allure of the past while enjoying contemporary comforts. The hotel's commitment to preserving old-world charm within a modern setting ensures a memorable and comfortable stay for every discerning traveller.


A kind bed with side tables and lamps on it inside Standard rooms - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur


Standard Room

A king bed with lamps on the side table inside deluxe rooms - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur


Deluxe Room

A king bed with lamps on the side tables and sofas in the living room inside the suite - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur



Dine to Your Heart's Content
At Mandawa Haveli

Mandawa Haveli in Jaipur beckons guests with two distinctive restaurants and a well-appointed bar. Anada, an elegant fine-dine establishment, boasts both indoor and outdoor seating within a heritage setting. Meanwhile, Hari Mahal is a versatile multi-cuisine restaurant catering to diverse palates. For those seeking a relaxed atmosphere and delectable drinks, The Bar stands ready, offering a range of delightful beverages and enticing bar snacks to complement the overall culinary experience at this enchanting heritage hotel.

Seating arrangements in the courtyard next to the fountain at anada restaurant - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur


Close up image of the dining table at Hari Mahal - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur

Hari Mahal

a person pouring a drink on a glass with an ice cube that is placed on a desk

The Bar

Round table seating arrangements in the banquet hall - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur

Conferences & Meetings

Mandawa Haveli proudly presents its versatile banquet hall, a spacious venue spanning 560 sq. ft. This well-appointed space is perfect for conferences, meetings, and intimate gatherings. The hall is equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning and Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment for various events. Whether hosting business conferences or celebratory occasions, the banquet hall offers a charming and well-equipped setting for a variety of occasions.

Facilities at Our Heritage Hotel
in Jaipur

Abundant Comfort with Our World-class Facilities at Mandawa Haveli
We seamlessly blend heritage charm with modern conveniences, offering an array of facilities to enhance guests' experiences. Dive into relaxation at the swimming pool, savour culinary delights with multiple dining options, and enjoy the convenience of room service and laundry facilities. The hotel's banquet hall is well-equipped for events, while complimentary Wi-Fi ensures connectivity. With these thoughtful amenities, Mandawa Haveli ensures a delightful stay, combining the allure of history with contemporary comforts.

Top view of the swimming pool in a butterfly shape - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur

Swimming Pool

Seating arrangements in the courtyard next to the fountain at anada restaurant - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur

Multiple Dining Options

Many items on a table that was served as room service with a double bed in the background

Room Service

Many washing machines stacked next to each other inside a room

Laundry Service

Round table seating arrangements in the banquet hall - Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur

Banquet Hall

A wi-fi symbol with the words wifi on a bus placed on a plastic exterior

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Discover Jaipur

Experience the Charm of Jaipur
Explore the enchanting facets of Jaipur, categorised into popular places, arts, crafts & design, and adventure. Uncover iconic landmarks, delve into the city's rich artistic heritage, and embark on thrilling adventures that collectively define Jaipur's allure as a premier tourist destination. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry, vibrant crafts and exhilarating experiences this city has to offer.

an overview of amber fort with bird flying above and blue sky in the background

Popular Places

three Pots kept inside each other with two pots being brown and the last one being blue

Arts, Crafts & Design

a solitary hot air balloon soaring in the sky with white clouds in the blue sky visible


Signature Experiences

Experiences That Come Once in a Lifetime

Indulge in our Signature Experiences, curated to elevate your stay. Engage in cooking with the owner, explore Jaipur with our guided tours, relish elevated dining on our rooftop, or unleash your creativity in block printing workshops. To partake in these exclusive encounters, guests are encouraged to inquire with our attentive reception for personalised and memorable experiences.

a chef teaching a group of children how to prepare food in a kitchen

Cooking with the Owner

Jal Mahal in a lake with mountains in the background and birds flocking towards it

Jaipur Tours

a group of people enjoying their food on a rooftop setting with potted plants in the background

Rooftop Dining

a woman holding a block print with other block prints in a basket

Block Printing Workshop

Hotel Amenities

Swimming PoolMultiple Dining OptionsRoom Service
Laundry ServiceBanquet HallComplimentary Wi-Fi